ECSI is a single source security technology provider; from design and manufacture through commissioning and servicing, for project specific application. For over 33 years, ECSI has provided high tech security systems to correctional facilities, airports, government and military installations, pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants, and nuclear power generating stations. ECSI designs and interfaces commercial-off-the- shelf hardware, offering systems that are cost effective, flexible and state-of-the-art, to achieve a secure and normal environment for a facility.

RDIDS – Rapid Deployable Intrusion Detection Systems

IPID® light-weight sensors mounted on a tripod for rapid and deployable application. Applies to transitional and temporary site requirements for physical security of safety and asset protection.

Tactical Series 4000

IPID – Infrared Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

The Architectural IPID system provides dependable security barriers of pulsed infrared beams to create multiple detection zones with a range of up to 1000 feet. Our solid state electronics are not affected by environmental conditions such as birds, small animals, snow, puddles, leaves, grass or mechanical vibrations. The system will alarm only if an object breaks the 3.54” diameter beam m ore than 98.5%.

Standard IPID

Series 4000 Architectural Column

Series 4000 Architectural Bollard

FOIDS  – Fiber Optic Intelligence and Detection System

Purely optic. Electronics are not used in the field. Works on fences, walls, and even in the ground. It has a staggering range of over 60km. using single mode fiber optic cable. Advanced algorithm processing at central control permits remote audible alarm assessment and reduces false alarms to the lowest levels in the industry.

FOIDS Series 6000

FLS – Flight Line Security

FLS was developed to protect high value assets for aircraft parking areas, igloos and flight lines at air bases. The system is comprised of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) proven and certified technologies.

Series 4000F

AECS- Access Entry Control Systems

The ECSI Entry Control System regulates the passage of authorized vehicles and personnel into an enclave perimeter, restricted areas, and other areas of interest by confirming and issuing badges, PIN’s and/or biometrics for entry into these areas. For further control of vehicle access, RFID tag readers or Automated License Plate Readers are deployed to further enhance entry control integrity.

Automated Vehicle Gate System

License Plate Camera

Rear License Plate Camera

Card Reader – Intercom – Camera

Intercom & Camera

RFID – Rear License Plate Camera

Field Distribution Box

Anti-Tailgating Detector

ELEMENT 18 Card Reader – Intercom – Camera

ELEMENT 33 Card Reader – Intercom – Camera

ELEMENT 34 Card Reader – Intercom – Camera

ELEMENT 35 Card Reader – Intercom – Camera

ELEMENT 46 Fixed CCTV Situational Awareness

WISE – Water Infrastructure Sensing Equipment

WISE monitors water quality throughout drinking distribution systems to detect the evidence of chemical, biological, and/or radio-logical contamination and reports detected problems instantly. The WISE also increases efficiency by saving labor hours, laboratory costs, and potentially, power and chemical treatment costs, through remote data communication and monitoring, thereby optimizing the process.

WiSE Bio-Chem

ECSI Long Range Day / Night CCTV

ECSI Long Range Day / Night camera offers imaging systems for any security application where lighting is impractical, too expensive or where long-range performance is required.

For border security, port security, and critical infrastructure applications, the system has proven vital to threat detection initiatives.

The system consists of 360° endless high speed heavy duty Pan/Tilt driver with Day-20km, 15km, 6km, 3km, 2km Motorized Zoom true color/Night-10M~10KM (30,000Ft) image pick-up by 56-strong “IR” illuminator with collimator & laser at night

Long-Range Day-Night CCTV

DC-26 Rugged Long Range Day Camera

TC-500/501 Remote Imaging

TC-570/571 PoE

TC-600 Series

TC-700 Series

SLR TI – Super Long Range Thermal Image

Thermal Imager FOV